Our  reasearch  and development department can provide a special formulation for your specific requirements to  meet DIN, JIS, ISO, and ASTM standards.  We develop suitable recipes for all kinds of rubber products with  FREE RoHS/REACH, matching with moulding  process of customer and also provide technical service for customer satisfaction.


The sample of properties of vulcanized rubber

Polymer materials for rubber compound

Our development team  have fully knowledge on natural and synthetic rubbers specification, we can develop all kinds of recipe to meet  customer request by choosing of polymer properly.
In addition, we can also supply another rubber compound such as  H-NBR, NBR/PVC, ECO, CSM, FKM, ACM, and  AEM as customer requested.


EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

 - Good weather resistance

 - Good acid, ozone, chemical resistance

 - Good dynamic properties

 - High fatigue resistance

 - Temperature sevice (-40 to 150°C)


NBR or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
- Good oil and chemical resistance

- High abrasion resistance

- Temperature  service (-40 to 100°C)


CR or Chloroprene Rubber

- Good oil resistance

- Non-flammable

- Temperature service (-40 to 100°C)


NR or Natural Rubber

- High tensile strength and elasticity

- Good dynamic properties

- High fatigue resistance

- High abrasion resistance

- Temperature service (-55 to 70°C)


SBR or Styrene Butadiene Rubber
- High abrasion resistance

- Temperature service (-50 to 100°C)


BR or Butadiene Rubber

- Good low temperature flexibility

- High abrasion resistance and rebound

- Temperature service (-70 to 75°C)


IIR, CIIR, BIIR or Butyl Rubber, Chlorobutyl Rubber, Bromobutyl Rubber
- Low gas permeability

- Good acid, ozone, oxygen resistance

- Temperature service (-20 to 100°C)

Quality Control of Rubber Compound

CS Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. can guarantee our quality of rubber compound and make our customer to be confident in our products. We can provide various type of testing item by reliable internal laboratory and can test following many international standard test method  such as  ASTM , JIS , DIN , BS , ISO  etc.

We can separate groups of main testing items in our internal laboratory as follow :

Environmental Resistance Testing

  • Temperature & Humidity  chamber
  • Ozone chamber
  • UV chamber
  • Low - temperature brittleness tester

Chemical Analysis Testing

  • FTIR
  • TGA

Heat & Oil Resistance Testing

  • Heat aging
  • Oil resistance
  • Compression set